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Telling Intimate Stories through photographs

My photography is about finding the stories hidden deep inside people and to bring them out in a picture in my unique style. Engaging people and creating stories, which are unique and intimate to them, is a pivotal part of my images
I am an art photographer, influenced and inspired by the masters from the renaissance period , post renaissance period and the iconic cinematographers from 20th century.
I have been telling stories in pictures for more than 10 years and i have travelled across different continents to make images that resonate with my audience. i have acted in theater for 20+ years, made award winning short films and also served the corporate world in leadership roles for 26 years. In my journey, i am yet to find a person who is living a normal/ boring life, who is not beautiful or who does not have inspiration to offer. Learning about people, seeing their beauty, finding their stories and what inspires them is the key component of my photography work
I am offering a new service called “Friend on a Canvas”, which is a unique combination of inner wisdom that already resides in people, with compelling storytelling pictures. These are the pictures designed and developed after personal interaction with clients and tapping into their personal journey. The final product, a picture printed on a large canvas, serves as an inspiring reminder to my clients to progress on their inner journey
I offer photography services in the genre of portraiture, fashion, portfolio, pre-wedding, fine art canvases and movies / media promotion campaigns. I work with families, individuals, creative directors, film/ theater production teams and fashion houses to create artisitic story based images.
The images in my gallery are all conceptualised, designed, styled, photographed and edited by me. Feel free to take a look at them and get in touch with me if you are moved or inspired by any picture or the idea behind it.
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