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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Following are the terms and conditions for any client working with us. Booking us for services we provide would imply that you, the client, agree with our terms and conditions unless specifically agreed otherwise

a. You are either above the age of 18 years or have an explicit approval from a parent or guardian above 18 years to hire Coctales Photography for their services and be part of the photography or film making projects
b. Photoshoots with Coctales Photography are based around the stories of our clients which may require in depth discussions and elaborate arrangements for the photoshoots. We may need one or more discussions (virtually or in person) prior to the photoshoot. Also, depending on the theme and the purpose of the project, photoshoots may take anywhere from 3 hours to 7 hours to complete. By booking our services, you agree to dedicate the required time to complete the project
c. All the discussions between the client and Coctales Photography will be strictly confidential and neither party can divulge any information to a third party
d. Coctales Photography provides five high quality professionally edited pictures from every photoshoot project unless agreed otherwise. These five pictures are selected from hundreds of photographs clicked during the photoshoot based on the perfection in expression, lighting and the overall scene. The rejected pictures from the photoshoot are not shared with the client. In case the client wants some of those pictures for their own personal use then unedited versions of those pictures can be provided upon request.
e. The payment terms for any services rendered by Coctales Photography will be as follows
i. 50% of the agreed amount has to be paid in advance to confirm the booking with us. The booking and the schedules for the project can only be confirmed after successful receipt of the advance
ii. Remaining 50% advance has to be paid within 7 days of delivery of the final product as mutually agreed
f. The final product can be delivered in the form of a digital file in any pre-agreed format or a print on any pre-agreed medium. The format of the final product can be changed once it is sent for printing
g. The concept of the project will be discussed and agreed upon mutually in advance of the photoshoot. Changes made to the concept after photoshoot will be charged on the basis of a new photoshoot project
h. One revision will be allowed on the edited version of the photos which will be shared in low resolution jpg files with the client before they are sent for printing. Any changes after that revision or printing will be charged separately
i. Coctales Photography will have all the copyrights to the artwork created unless the client has explicitly purchased the copyright from us with additional payment as mutually agreed.

Privacy Policy

By using the services provided by Coctales Photography, both the parties agree to abode by the following set of policies

a. Coctales Photography will have the copyright to all the artwork and the final images produced from the photoshoots unless the clients have explicitly purchased the copyrights from Coctales Photography
b. All the discussions between the client and Coctales Photography will remain confidential. Neither party is allowed to divulge any part of the information without explicit approval from the other party
c. By agreeing to use the services of Coctales Photography, it is implied that we are permitted to use any of the images for our brand promotion or on social media. The client will need to inform us in advance in case there is any content they do not wish to be used on social media platforms. Coctales Photography will not use any images clients have explicitly prohibited us to use. In case clients inform us of their intent after the content has been posted, then Coctales Photography will do their best to remove that content from the social media as soon as possible. Coctales Photography can not be held responsible and will not be liable for any damages for sharing content on social media prior to clients request or for any delay in removing content due to practical reasons after the request is made
d. Coctales photography stores all the content for the photoshoots for a period of 6 months from the date of delivery. All the content is destroyed after 6 months period. Coctales Photography will be happy to share the content with the client if they wishe to store the data at their end

Cancellation and Refund

Following are the policies on cancellation or refund of the advance

a. 50% Advance once paid is not refundable
b. If the client is not available on the day of the photoshoot previously agreed, then the Coctales Photography will do their best to schedule another date for the photoshoot. In case, another date can not be agreed then the photoshoot will be considered canceled and the advance will be forfeited. Part of this advance payment, after recovering the committed costs of the canceled photoshoot, may be adjusted towards the advance for a fresh photoshoot per mutual agreement.

Shipping and Delivery

A. The final product will be delivered to the client as per following schedules
1. Digital file – up to 14 days after the final photoshoot day 2. Standard Rolled paper prints (within India) – up to 21 days after the final photoshoot day 3. Canvas prints or any other special prints (within India) – up to 30 days after the final photoshoot day 4. Paper/ Canvas or any other special prints (outside India) – up to 45 days after the final photoshoot day
B. The charges for the shipment will be included in the price quoted by Coctales Photograph
C. Shipping and Delivery will be managed by 3rd party providers. The delivery dates can only be confirmed once deliveries are booked. Coctales Photography will not be held liable or responsible for delays or the damages caused by the 3rd party shipment provider